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​​​​Music Video Links- I have done three music videos.  You can view them by clicking on the links below:

- Resiliency

- Saving the Music

- We Could Be Friends

My Story

    You may have heard the expression - "Livin' the Dream."  Well, that's pretty much me.  I love my job and I do it full time.  I am a Singer/Songwriter.  I have been at it professionally for about 15 years.  I am currently playing shows in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, as I have a solid foundation of steady gigs.  Although I have brought my music as far as New Orleans and Nashville, as well as South to Coronado/San Diego, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara, California, and Oregon.

     My five albums, The SunCrashersOnce Upon A RhymeRollin on the WindSaving the Music, and Mighty Road, are available for you to purchase online at iTunes,, CD Baby, and many other retail sites on the internet such as Spotify, etc.  Of course you can also buy (and have autographed) as many CD's as you like at any of my performances.  The pricing of my albums is very reasonable and I can guarantee you will be happy you made the purchase!



"I love discovering artists who haven't gotten a lot of radio play; and one such musician is the Bay Area's Chris Ahlman.  Chris' CD Rollin on the Wind has got a nice ensemble with him including Pat Buchanan and George Marinelli on lead guitars.  I did listen and it's wonderful, right from the first track.  Look him up and listen!"

Ben Fong-Torres,

former Senior Editor and Writer, Rolling Stone

"Chris Ahlman's album Rollin on the Wind, the most recent of his three CDs, is a delight to the ear.  As a storyteller, his lyrics - insightful, often inspiring, but always heartfelt - should resonate with audiences who appreciate quality acoustic pop, folk and rock music.  Other gifted artists on this album, such as lead guitarist George Marinelli who tours with Bonnie Raitt and drummer Wes Little who worked with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, add a rich texture of sound to Chris' lilting voice and warm guitar riffs.  Especially poignant to me was Chris' Lonely People (Track 2).  This heartfelt and soulful song puts words to others' loneliness and lifts up the listener into a place of resiliency.  Yet, Chris is gregarious and easy-going.  His joy in performing and his desire to communicate his love of life and music are evident in every track.  Bravo, Chris!  It's easy to see how he is constantly in demand with wide-ranging gigs across California."

Anna Dabney,

Founder of Penny Henny Publishing,

and "a devoted fan" from Oakland, CA

"Chris Ahlman's new full length album entitled "Saving the Music" is not to be missed.  The LP lives up to it's name in that it is effortlessly romantic and, by the same token, quite reminiscent of simpler times gone by.  Mr. Ahlman's melancholic, deep voice and soulful song lyrics give these folk rock blues a duality that audiences should love.  "Saving the Music" (as well as his earlier releases) can be found on all major music outlets including Itunes, Amazon and CdBaby."  

Hilarie Naymick,

A&R Director of

     “Your passion for life shines through in your voice!  Too often I see musicians concentrating more so on the marketing and look of themselves, so much so they lose themselves in the process. You have a sincere deep connection with your music; it's a place where life and art meets. Very enjoyable, if you put John Mayer and Dave Matthews together you would get something very close to You. Excellent!”  Timothy Moore, online fan

     “Saving the Music” is at once a hopeful and slightly unnerving recording.  The really remarkable songs [on this album], title track “Saving the Music,”  “This One”, and “It's All the Same”, are outstanding. Well produced, memorable, and point to Ahlman’s potential of being a songwriter to contend with, along the lines of Angie Aparo or Ryan Adams. There's a plaintive and earnest quality to his voice, which on the stand out tracks works.”  M. Alberto Rivera,